The 360 Binocular Tracking Trainer (1 set)

The result of this training is being able to unleash your physical actions at the exact precise time. Clearly great timing is the necessary link to consistently place a quality swing on the ball. Now you can learn to improve your timing and slow the pitch ball down if you train your eyes and mind with this unique 3-D Depth Perception and Tracking Trainer. 

This training will improve your ability to track balls accurately even when they slightly change of speed or sharp trajectory change. Its usefulness as a training tool has been tested and proven to be effective method for top performing athletes. By simply giving the 3-D Depth Perception and Tracking Trainer a commitment of your time, you are definitely going to be able to have better timing and track the ball more accurately. You will find that once you can effectively do all the drills, you will have a sense of relaxed concentration. You will learn to have relaxed concentration, which will result in great benefits in your performance.

Other benefits from this training include the ability to train and coordinate the eye muscles to work together improving dynamic vision skills as you track balls more accurately.

Sports: baseball, softball, lacrosse, hockey, tennis, volleyball.


The 360Eye-Wire (1 unit) is a simple tool, which provides a lot of visual feedback. Using the 360Eye-Wire enhances the rapid skills that are essential for efficient visual function. It also improves automatic focus adjustments for all areas of visual space. It is designed to teach the equal use of both eyes simultaneously and to teach you how to aim your eyes together correctly for varying distances in space. Additionally, it allows you to determine if you are shutting off the vision of one eye (suppression). The 360Eye-Wire is used for both: evaluation and training.

Sports: tennis, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, hockey, volleball, softball.

Sensory Brain Level 2 - KIT

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