The Sensory Brain Level 3 (digital booklet).

1 SET of POSTERS (2 Individual. Size: 24x36).

1 SET of cones (4 Color)

1 SET of balls (4 Color)

1 SET of cards (4 Color)

1 (one) Spoon & Egg.

1 (one) dice.

Sensory Brain Level 3 - KIT

  • This 360 (VISUAL PERFORMANCE TRAINER) training program has been developed as an action oriented program to enhance the speed and accuracy of your eyes and your brain’s capability of leading your body.  With this training you’ll learn to “see and think when you move,” so that you become better at “recognizing, deciding and reacting.”

    This visual “blast-off” training program will ignite your speed by teaching you to quickly recognize and react. By learning to recognize a visual cue, decoding what that visual code means, and then to quickly execute a physical response in reaction to that visual cue, you will perform more smoothly and confidently in the course of athletic competition.

    This unique training program will give you the opportunity to improve your overall athletic Performance. This is an opportunity to gain a special edge--the edge will be an ability to have TOTAL FOCUS despite the challenges of stress, distractions, time pressures, movement and fatigue. The Vision Performance CROSS Trainer is a hot new product that will help you:

    • Learn to overcome performance crippling distractions
    • Improve in the use of your eyes while listening, thinking and making a decision while simultaneously doing a coordinated agility drill.
    • Develop lightning fast reactions and speed.
    • See openings on the court and field as you expand your field or court awareness. 
    • Go from a wide focus to a narrow focus and back and forth

    • With this training you will gain a higher level of control and precision of your critical eye movements when moving laterally, closer and further away and when reacting explosively. An increase in your recognition time will give you additional time for the critical decision making process that precedes most actions. 
    • sports soccer,hockey,lacrosse,baseball,softball,tennis,mma,boxing

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