The Vielight 810 Infrared is engineered for gentle brain stimulation. This device complements the systemic effects of the Vielight 633 and 655.

The 810 nm near-infrared wavelength is ideal for diffusing through the intranasal channel to reach the deep ventral brain areas.

Note: The Vielight 810 and Vielight Neuro use different diode technology. The Vielight 810’s intranasal power density is approximately 50% of the Vielight Neuro’s intranasal power density.

Why intranasal?

The nasal cavity is a pathway to the ventral prefrontal cortex. The distance between the nasal bridge and the ventral prefrontal cortex is relatively short and permeable.

Vielight intranasal devices combine solid state technology with intranasal diodes built from transparent high impact polycarbonate. The design ensures quality and durability, turning this purchase into a life-long investment.

This device can be used in combination with the Vielight 633

Vielight 810 Infrared (Brain)


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