When suspended the CORE BAR I works the body using a helical motion. This type of movement is rare to non-existent in the gym. This movement necessitates the dynamic use muscles that are typically only used as stabilizers.


A strong core could be the difference between winning or losing, staying healthy or getting injured. Your core's biggest contribution is to transfer force between your upper and lower extremities in multiple directions like throwing, punching and hitting. Proponents of the big lifts such as deadlifts, squats and bench press will get you a strong core but only in one direction and might create too much stiffness to stay athletic. Instead of adding more weight to your big lifts the solution is to leverage vertical loading with rotational dynamic loading to develop balanced strength.


The Core Bars could also be a great addition to your accessory exercises to achieve new PRs on your big lifts as well. All the movements done with these specialty bars are ground based on your feet–just like throwing, punching, and hitting!

Color may vary — Standard Color: BLACK

Core Bar II