1 (one) Sensory Brain Level 1 digital booklet.

5 (five) 360Incline Board.

5 (five) sets of 4 (four) balls, colors: yellow, green, blue and black.

5 (five) Spoon & Egg.

5 (five) 360Pendulum Ball.

Sensory Brain Level 1 - TEAM

  • So, what exactly is this Sensory Brain Level 1™?


    It is a multi-sensory exercise program that has been used since 10 years to help people learn and perform better. You stand on a special “balance board” and perform fun and simple movements with things like bean bags and super balls and spoon and eggs.


    These skills are essential for everyday life - and they are controlled by one powerful force - your brain. It is the single most important organ and muscle in the body that controls our movements and how quickly we react to what’s around us.


    With the Sensory Brain Level 1, our goal is to help sensory integration as a foundation to work later on our vision system, brain processing speed and timing for a number of people such as athletes, occupational/physical therapy patients, and kids. These specialized exercises are like a gym for your brain – training it to react faster, so you move quicker; providing an all-around workout for your brain, eyes, and body.


    Athletes become better at automating everything from how they see objects, to their mental attention system, to their ability to move and hit every shot. Furthermore, vision therapists use the Sensory Brain Level 1 as a cost effective tool to help people overcome lazy eye, strabismus, dyslexia and other vision deficiencies. With all these benefits and uses, see what the Sensory Brain Level 1 can do for you!

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