The Shoulder and Forearm Trainer accelerates improvement of shoulder muscles such as the rotator cuff, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, post mastectomy recovery and general upper body conditioning.


The Shoulder and Forearm Trainer enhances training for high performance sports and workplace health & safety. It is the only exercise device which strengthens the rotator cuff muscles through their full range of motion. Strength and coordination of the shoulder is necessary for all daily activities where the shoulder plays an important role. When the arm is required to move quickly and forcibly, such as when throwing a ball, propelling a wheelchair, or hitting a golf ball, the rotator cuff muscles keep the ball of the shoulder joint centered. The constant resistance generated by the Shoulder and Forearm Trainer at any angle of the arm to the body trains the brain to activate the muscles to adapt quickly into their proper modes to prevent injury and enhance performance.


The Shoulder and Forearm Trainer comes complete with an exercise manual and demonstration video.

Shoulder and Forearm Trainer


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