Useful bunion and hallux valgus training band
It is designed for pain relief and foot relaxing both before and after surgical intervention. Main function is gently stretching your big toes to prevent them from overlapping and aggravating your bunion or hallux valgus at the same time

The Importance to Do Toe Exercises
You might not realise it but the toes are connected to to the rest of the body such as the hips, gluteus and core. If you have trouble with your feet or toes, you'd better strengthen them through functional movement. This Toe belt is a perfect tool to help you to do toe exercises!

Simple to Use
Slide it around your big toe, stretches the two toes to opposite directions. Begin use them for 10-15 minutes a day and gradually add the fruquency and the time used each time. (Instructions will be sent along with.)

No worry about the size, the Toe & Foot Trainer is flexible and stretchy, one size fit all.

You need it!
This is the good help and pain relief to bunions, Hallux Valgus, hammer toes, Toe deformity you are looking for!

Toe & Foot Trainer


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