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90% of the information that we take in when we play sports is visual. A problem on your visual system will affect your performance on the court, field, ring or rink. We can use the 360Eyewire as an example to explain how an inefficient visual system could diminish your performance in sports. 

Interpretation of results:

When the subject looks at the first bead, he or she should see one bead with two short strings leading toward it and two longer strings leaving it. On the two strings which leave the bead, there will be two beads at the 5 foot distance and two more beads at the 9 foot distance.

  • If only one string is seen, the subject is suppresing one eye. Results: absence of depth perception, poor overall performance.

  • If the strings seem to cross in front of the beads, this is referred to as an "eso-posture" and they will tend to perceive things being closer than they really are. Results: a baseball player might "pull" the ball, swinging early because the ball appears closer than it really is. A basketball player may consistenly miss short.

  • if the strings seem to cross behind the beads, this is reffered to as an "exo-posture" and they will tend to perceive objects being farther away than they really are. Results: a baseball player would "push" the ball or consistenly swing late because the ball appears further away than it really is, a basketball player would be missing long.

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